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Shopify Beta

Apply for the Beta program and be the first to access Cloudinary features through our new Shopify app
Companies like Bombas and Allbirds use both Shopify and Cloudinary to deliver exceptional experiences for their customers. Be part of our Beta program and help shape our soon-to-be-launched Shopify app that will help shop owners deliver quality visual experiences faster and more efficiently, as well as improve their SEO.
Our team is currently hard at work developing a new Shopify app. With this app, you will be able to use Cloudinary to:
  • Deliver lightweight, high quality product images and videos
  • Do more on your product pages with a fully customizable product gallery
  • Use liquid code snippets to display responsive media, with the best quality and format
  • Sync your entire product media catalog with Cloudinary with just one click
To help us make this vision a reality, we’re looking for Shopify merchants with at least a few dozen products in your catalog who are willing to work with our team to provide feedback. If you’re not a current Cloudinary customer you’ll also need a free Cloudinary account.

If you’d like to be an active part of this beta, please complete this short form.

Thanks in advance for your interest!

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