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Ask us Anything: Video for eCommerce

Video for E-commerce Edition


According to Cloudinary's latest E-commerce survey of ~2,700 consumers, more than 25% stated that access to brand or user-generated video is essential to their purchase-making decision. Video has become critical for online conversion, yet implementing them at scale remains a considerable challenge for most E-commerce brands. Do you also struggle with similar video challenges such as:

  • How do I best optimize the size of a video without affecting its quality?
  • How do I prevent video buffering or slow loads?
  • How to eliminate manual workflows to adapt videos to different channels and devices?
  • How can I efficiently create videos and customize them at scale?

Join us for an interactive Ask Me Anything session with Cloudinary's product marketing experts, where we will cover some of the above topics and answer any other pressing questions you may have on scaling videos for E-commerce applications!

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