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Learn how to deliver dynamic video experiences at scale

Leading sports brand Puma sees the power of instant video generation during hackathon

Dynamic video experiences can drive up to 80% higher conversion on websites compared to static images. As a result, video is now the number one priority for content investment in 2023, according to the content marketing institute. Yet creating videos at scale remains a significant challenge give the time and resource constraints.

For leading sports brand, Puma, adding videos on its product pages is a large-scale effort. To address this problem, Puma recently organized a hackathon in which one of its ecosystem partners, Formidable demonstrated how video experiences can be created at scale using Cloudinary's AI powered automation.

Watch now to hear experts from Formidable and Cloudinary discuss:

  • How to convert existing assets into video experiences in near real-time
  • How a headless, composable solution can accelerate creation of new videos from months to under a day
  • How brands can deliver video experiences in many different ways using Cloudinary Video API
Cloudinary is the foundational image and video technology platform trusted by over 10,000 global brands to store, transform, optimize and deliver visual experiences at scale.

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