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6 Ways Brands Can Win with Today's Visual Storytelling

Brands that harness the power of visual stories can improve engagement and build better connections. Hence, prioritizing effective storytelling with images and videos can be crucial to a campaign’s success.

On the flip side, those that don’t deliver visual cues and connections run the risk of disappointing customers at best. At worst, these brands may see abandoned carts and lost loyalty.

Watch Juli and Jason explain "6 Ways Brands Can Win with Today’s Visual Storytelling," and learn:

  • What forms of advanced automated visual media and other formats are used today—and why they work
  • Why taking advantage of mobile-first responsiveness is a must
  • How to prepare images and videos for microbrowsers in messaging apps
  • Plus! Hear case studies from Guess and Made.com

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Juli Greenwood

Sr Director, Communications and Customer Marketing, Cloudinary

Jason Khoury

Vice President, Corporate Marketing, Cloudinary