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Get the secret recipe for delivering images and videos at scale

Creators of Thermomix, world's smartest kitchen appliance, share proven tactics to serve high-quality visual content fast

In an increasingly digital world, images and videos are key to engaging customers. Same holds true for Vorwerk, a multi-billion dollar manufacturing brand and creator of the world's smartest kitchen appliance, Thermomix. Through their website, mobile app and millions of IoT devices, Vorwerk inspires a global audience to cook the perfect meal with Thermomix via highly engaging video recipes and imagery.

Vorwerk and over 10,000 brands globally rely on Cloudinary as their foundational image and video platform to store, transform, optimize and deliver visual content at scale.

Watch now to hear a fireside chat between experts at Vorwerk and Cloudinary and learn:

  • How to optimize images and videos for fast, flawless delivery across web, mobile and IoT
  • How automation can overcome resource bottlenecks that slow down publishing process
  • Why a composable architecture is key to launching visual content faster
Cloudinary is the foundational image and video technology platform trusted by over 10,000 global brands to store, transform, optimize and deliver visual experiences at scale.

Watch the On-Demand Webinar