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Unlocking the Three Visual Media Secrets to Successful Mobile Commerce

Three Proven Tactics for Creating and Implementing a Winning Mobile Strategy

Cloudinary, the foundational technology for all image and video on the internet, recognizes the importance of the winning mobile strategy and revenue generating potential of a compelling mobile experience.

Regrettable, there are still many companies without a defined mobile strategy. In many cases, companies consider a compelling mobile experience to be a 'nice-to-have,' literally leaving money on the table as a result. How much money? In 2022 mobile commerce sales hit $415 billion and according to estimates, this number will nearly double, amounting to approximately $710 billion by 2025. 
Source: https://www.tidio.com/blog/mobile-commerce-statistics/

In our Unlocking the Three Visual Media Secrets to Successful Mobile Commerce webinar Cloudinary Senior Product Marketing Manager, Pradip Lal, and Senior Mobile Developer, Adi Mizrahi, provide an overview of mobile web and app-based experiences and show you how to improve your product experience via mobile devices.

In this informative and interactive session our experts discussed the latest trends and best practices for your brands images and videos online, along with:

  • How to elevate the mobile experiences that are essential to brand success
  • How the world's leading brands are leveraging AI-powered automations as a part of their mobile strategies
  • Which tools and capabilities are needed to deliver mobile-ready experiences and how to measure success
Cloudinary is trusted by over 1.5 million developers worldwide and 10,000 enterprises to store, transform, optimize and deliver their media assets online. Our team of media experts will be on hand to provide insights and answer your questions. Join us and bring your questions as we unravel the mysteries of the mobile online shopping experience.

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