The Media-First Approach

Why visual media must be a primary consideration for e-commerce businesses

Why must visual content creation and optimization now be a primary consideration for e-commerce businesses committed to sustainable growth?

For starters, the average human brain processes imagery 60,000x faster than text and retains 80 percent of the imagery but only 20 percent of the text.

That also means that online shoppers gravitate towards visual content marketing and it compels them to remain on your site and buy products at higher rates. The more immersive and interactive the media, the stronger the benefit to your bottom line.

In this whitepaper, we explore the benefits of a media-first e-commerce strategy and provide actionable recommendations to help you:

  • Achieve your customer-centric business goals and create immersive experiences at scale
  • Align your brand with your audience’s emotional and analytical preferences and reach them on the channels they prefer
  • Become relevant, adaptable, as well as engaging to shoppers and trusted by customers
  • Remain competitive as you expand product lines, launch new engagement channels, and integrate new technologies

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