Optimize Rich Media Performance to Increase E-commerce Revenue

Why optimizing rich media should be your primary focus when trying to improve site speed.

There are two equally critical elements behind a complete digital commerce user experience. Mastering both means that shoppers will enjoy browsing your store and increase the likelihood that they’ll become customers:

1.   Highly visual and engaging web pages loaded with rich media content including interactive product images and videos, user generated content and more

2.   High-performance pages that load quickly and are custom-fit to each user’s precise context, such as their device, screen size and orientation, available bandwidth, browser choice and more.

These two UX components may seem to stand in contrast to another. Rich media is data-heavy and requires more time to load, but creating and publishing great content won’t get you the results you want if you don’t directly address and optimize them for performance.

The importance of site performance can’t be overstated: even just a one-second delay in page-load speeds would cost an e-commerce business with a daily sales revenue of $100,000 a staggering $2.5 million in lost sales per year.

That’s why we created this whitepaper to help you build a complete, fast and rich e-commerce environment that serves your business goals and keeps your customers coming back for more. Download it to learn:

  • Why the connection between website performance and e-commerce revenue is so strong
  • Why optimizing the delivery of rich media should be your primary focus when trying to improve site speed
  • The practical steps you can take today to start delivering quality-first optimization of media assets for any user context, effortlessly

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